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Autonomous-Continuous Contact Free Monitoring of resting heart rate and respiratory rate for those residents most vulnerable to hospital readmission.

FDA 510(k) Cleared Class II Medical Device for Home Health Monitoring.

Early detection of post-operative infections, continuous monitoring for new treatment plans including change in prescription medication or threshold spike detection of vital signs in real-time can all provide critical alerts to physicians to prevent ER trips.

Plug in and "Point" design.
31 days of continuous monitoring, automatically.

Obtain 3,000 to 25,000+ measurements per day. No need to remind them to charge and wear a device or manually submit the data remotely. 100% automatic, 100% contact-free, 100% continuous, 100% privacy protected. It’s the perfect companion for post-acute care patients.

Continuous monitoring with customized alerts.

Every patient is unique. Intuitive HIPAA compliant cloud dashboard allows your to pre-set alert thresholds based on the patients condition.


Trend Alerts:

Alert settings can be set for RHR or RR deterioration (sustained elevation or degradation) over a pre-set amount of time. +/- 5 breath/min change for over 1 hour? Set. +/- 30 bpm at rest for 6 hours continuously? Set. Whatever it is, you can set it and be alerted.


Spike Alerts:

You can also set alerts based on sudden spikes of RHR + RR in combination with # of spikes. 5 x 120 bpm or higher? Set.


Motion and Presence based Alerts:

Motion during daytime and during the night can be a powerful data set to analyze. Increase in body motion during sleep? This could trigger signs of tossing and turning from sleep difficulty or even pain. Frequent bed exit (based on bed presence/vacancy) during the night? This could be a sign of insomnia and or frequent bathroom trips.

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